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This ECU (Electronic Control Unit) converts your fuel injectioned vehicle into a carburettored vehicle.
In addition to the ECU, a carburettor and a specific cylinder and head, designed for a carburettor, (see Malossi catalogue) are required.

The first Electronic Control Unit (ECU) capable of converting a fuel injection system into a carburettor system has been developed:

Digitronic K.R.M.

As of today, with K.R.M, it is possible for any 50cc two-stroke fuel injected scooter to utilise a vast assortment of Malossi carburettor-based products. You can have a racing scooter with winning potential and even participate in the Trophy Series Malossi sponsors in all Europe.

The kit Digitronic K.R.M. consists of an ECU and mounting hardware. The ECU simply substitutes the original ECU and is connected to the existent wiring. No other modifications are required.

The ECU K.R.M. has been developed by a team of Malossi engineers, with the goal to create a product capable of guaranteeing the maximum satisfaction from our most demanding customers!

NOTE: after installing the components, your vehicle will be identical to a carburettored vehicle, in which you can install any spare part made for such vehicles.

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